After almost two years and over 100 issues of Growth Hacking Digest, it's time to pivot... sort of.

I'm folding Growth Hacking Digest's weekly newsletter into the monthly newsletter from my new website.

I'll continue curating stellar articles, podcasts, and videos, but the focus will be on helping B2B SaaS companies create and promote content that gains traction, wins customers and turns them into raving fans.

I'll also be offering my own experience and insight into creating and marketing SaaS content, including original research like this post I just published. SaaS Marketing Stack Study - What I learned from studying the marketing Stack of 1,001 B2B SaaS Companies.

SO, if you wish to remain subscribed, you don't need to do a thing.

BUT, if you’re not interested in B2B SaaS, then you’ll most likely want to hit the unsubscribe button.

No hard feelings!


PS: Over the next few days I’ll be moving those remaining in this list over to my new domain, appropriately titled Hope to see you there!

Stephen Jeske